Divorce Lawyers for Military

Divorce Lawyers for Military

Divorce Lawyers for Military is part of Morris – Sockle, PLLC, a Washington state law firm founded by partners Frank Morris and Jeanne Sockle. Divorce Lawyers for Military (DLFM) is a network of attorneys who work together towards a common goal: To provide quality legal representation in the most cost effective and time efficient manner possible.

We are respectful of the unique circumstances of U.S. Military Service Members and dedicated to helping them manage the legal aspects of divorce, custody and parenting issues.

DLFM has a reputation for resolving cases in a skilled and aggressive manner that provides the best possible results for our clients. We pride ourselves on really listening to the concerns and needs of our clients. We work together with our clients to structure a plan for pursuing their case and a strategy for accomplishing mutually agreed upon goals. We then use our team’s extensive civil litigation experience and skills to attain the desired results. We understand the special concerns of military service members facing divorce and other family law issues. We understand our clients are frequently dealing with a great deal of stress and frustration. We strive to minimize that distress and provide a quality client experience as well as superior results.

If you are active duty, retired military, reserve,or military spouse, and you are facing the end of your relationship or a modification to an existing divorce decree, you have come to the right place.

We are a network of attorneys dedicated to helping military members during divorce and with other family law related issues. We are an experienced team of family law attorneys who understand the special challenges service members face in divorce. We are committed to protecting your rights and fighting for fair division of your military benefits, property, and parenting plans that work for you. We want to help you structure the legal aspects of your divorce in a way that allows you to look to the future in a positive and hopeful light.

If you are seeking a strong, skilled legal team to represent your interests, CALL Divorce Lawyers for Military today at 360-866-7393. We are your best choice for getting your case on track and accomplishing your goals.

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