Children and Divorce

The most emotional and expensive issues in divorce usually revolve around the children. This is particularly for military families because of being far from home, and frequent change of duty stations and deployments Fortunately, in most cases the custody issues can be resolved in a sensible manner if both parents keep the best interest of the children as their primary goal. Unfortunately, these issues can spiral into ugly protracted litigation by a hostile and or greedy spouse, if not properly controlled from the beginning. The children can be used as a pawn or the final weapon by an angry and vindictive spouse. The children can be seen as a source for more money. Even a well intending spouse, that is extremely misguided in what is truly in the best interest of the children, can take ridiculous positions and make outrageous demands.

To control and prevail in litigation over children issues in divorce you will need an experienced and skilled attorney that can organize and manage your parenting plan. In contentious cases, it may be necessary to build a strong team of professionals to support your position. Your attorney must have quality guardian ad litems, child psychologists, pediatricians, and investigators ready and able to work together for a common goal. Your spouse can make numerous unfounded accusations. You have to be ready to counter and neutralize those accusations.

Do your best to discuss and reach agreement with your spouse on everything involving the children. It will benefit your kids and make the divorce more manageable. However, if that is not possible, the litigation issues involved with children are not issues that you can blindly compromise during divorce, and then go back and fix later. Once the dyes are cast, it is very difficult to achieve a new direction. If possible, proper positioning of your interests with the children should begin before the divorce is filed and, if not, immediately upon filing.

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