Washington Divorce

The truth about divorce is that it is really two completely different events. One is an emotional end to a relationship, the other is a technical termination of a legal status in a Washington court. Each of these two sides of divorce deserve the proper effort and time to resolve. You must make a lot of decisions that will affect you and your family for a long time. What you do now will affect you financially, and it will change your family dynamics.

You are likely experiencing a wide range of feelings, including anger, guilt, sadness, loss, apprehension, and concern about the future. As the process continues, you may feel upset and wronged by the actions of your spouse. This is human nature. Compared to your emotional state, the legal process for a Washington divorce may seem dry and uncaring.

While it may be difficult, it is important not to try and resolve the emotional impact of divorce through the legal process. The emotional pain of divorce will fade in time, while the legal requirements of your divorce will be in effect for years or even decades to come.

In the eyes of the court, divorce is a technical procedure which terminates the current legal relationship of the parties. This termination is accomplished through a series of steps, many of which involve providing large amounts of information to the court. The numerous steps may seem complex and confusing. Especially considering how little paperwork is required to get married, the documentation required to get divorced can seem overwhelming.

Having a knowledgeable and understanding Washington divorce attorney will make all the difference. As your ally in the divorce procedure, your attorney will guide you through the legal steps. Even when emotions are running high, your lawyer will make it easier to keep a clear head and make tough decisions.

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